The Libyan capital, Tripoli, has seen since Tuesday morning unusual military mobilization in different parts of the city, including blocking roads of Shara'a Al-Zawiya and Bab Benghashir as well as Ain Zara and Khallet Al-Furjan in south Tripoli, causing tensions and sending signals of possible armed clashes.

Eyewitnesses from Ain Zara said there was military mobilization and sand berms across the area, in addition to some reinforcements in Tariq Al-Shouk and Al-Sidra, not to mention the footage of military convoys coming toward Tripoli from West Mountain region.

In the meantime, Tripoli University suspended lectures and asked staff and students to leave, and so did several schools in Ain Zara municipality, citing safety concerns.

The mobilization, according to some reports, came as a rejection reaction to the dismissal of the Tripoli Military Zone commander Abdelbaset Marwan, knowing that some of the armed factions warned they could use force if the Presidential Council didn't reinstate Marwan to his previous position.

Other reports say the forces that mobilized in Tripoli and those coming from the West Mountain region, and even forces that could come from Misrata to Tripoli, are showcasing their military might as a rejection to any power-sharing deals in the making with Khalifa Haftar, especially after Haftar's meeting with presidential candidates Fathi Bashagha and Ahmed Maiteeq on Tuesday afternoon.