The Libyan state has lost more than 350 thousand barrels per day in just two days due to the recent shutdown of four oil fields located southwest of the country, the Oil and Gas Minister Muhammed Oun said on Tuesday.

State-owned National Oil Corp. (NOC) said Monday that oil production from the Sharara, El Feel, Wafa, and Hamada oilfields, which jointly produce more than 300,000 barrels per day, was suspended.

The Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) -a paramilitary force meant to protect energy facilities- has confirmed their responsibility for the closure of oilfields to demand military accreditation and the construction of a new road.

Minister Oun revealed that the oil ministry had reached out to the PFG to resolve the issue, but the latter insisted on implementing their demands before reopening the closed sites.

Sources who wanted to stay anonymous said the real reason behind the blockade is the decision of the NOC's head to sack the manager of Akakus Oil Operations Company as he and the PGF members come from the same region.

The oil minister ordered the board of directors of Akakus, Sirte, and Mellitah companies to continue their work and follow the correct legal and administrative procedures to resolve existing disputes and problems in order to avoid the loss of oil production.