United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the Department of Education and Integration of groups with special needs at the Ministry of Education launched, on Tuesday, the National Project for Educational Integration under the slogan "No difference" in support of educational integration of children with disabilities.

UNICEF Libya said on its Facebook page that the project targets 12 schools distributed over 6 regions throughout Libya (Western Region - Central Region - Southern Region - Eastern Region - Southeast Region - Southwest Region).

The UN organization explained that the project aims to prepare entrances and maintain health facilities of the integration schools and equip them with interactive learning rooms for students with learning difficulties, provide educational supplies, assess teacher training needs, and exchange experiences between Libyan Ministry of Education and ministries of education in Middle Eastern countries regarding school integration processes.

UNICEF added that it intends together with the the Ministry of Education, through US Department of State’s support, to provide all students with a more appropriate learning environment, optimal resources and opportunities to achieve their best potential.