Libya's Ministry of Justice says the Lockerbie case has been closed totally from the political and legal point of view according to an agreement signed between Libya and the US on August 14, 2008.

The ministry noted that the agreement was also reinforced by a presidential order signed by US President George Bush No. 13477 on October 31, 2008.

In response to reports regarding the reopening of the Lockerbie file, the ministry underscored that there is no ground for revitalizing the case once again.

The High Council of State dismissed in a statement Saturday, efforts to reopen the Lockerbie file, saying that the case has been closed politically and legally under a Libyan-US agreement.

On the 32nd anniversary of the Lockerbie tragedy in December 2020, the US judiciary pressed charges on the former Libyan intelligence officer, Abu Ajila Al-Muraimi, for allegedly participating in the Lockerbie attack in 1988 in Scotland.