Several Brigades from Misrata have rejected the UN-imposed government and the efforts to impose it on the capital, hours after Misrata Municipal Council and its affiliated brigades threatened to install it in Tripoli by force.

“The accord government has been made in dark corridors that are quite unknown to us and has been supported by some parties and figures that are also unknown to us, starting with Bernardino Leon and ending with Martin Kobler, who both used the starving and kneeling policies against Libyans to impose the accord government on them.” The brigades explained in a statement on Monday, confirming that they are going to stand in the way of the parties that aim at facilitating its entrance to Tripoli.

They also confirmed their commitment to the security and stability of the capital calling on all Libyans to unite in the face of those who are pushing for chaos and disorder and those who are gasping for imposing the UN-imposed government to toss the whole country into a sunless tunnel.

“We denounce the statement issued earlier by a number of the city’s revolutionary fighters’ brigades, Municipality, and Misrata MPs as they called for disowning the parties and individuals who reject the UN-imposed government.” The statement concluded.

Opponents to the self-approved government are gearing up for possible confrontations in Tripoli, while the UN-imposed government intends to locate in Tripoli, backed with armed brigades from Misrata.