Misrata brigades split over UNSMIL draft

Misrata brigades split over UNSMIL draft

July 26, 2015 - 13:22
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Statement of anti-draft brigades

Sixty brigades from Misrata city have announced their utter rejection of the initializing of the UNSMIL draft in the absence of the General National Congress, reiterating their full commitment to Libya’s judiciary and the Supreme Court ruling that dissolved the HoR in Tobruk.

In a statement, the sixty brigades, among which Al-Haraka, Al-Issar, Badr, and Al-Rabita, pinpointed that they are in favor of the dialogue and the GNC’s legitimacy as the revolutionaries’ representative.

The statement also called on other Municipalities to take more heed of the interior affairs of their cities and urge the parties to sit on one negotiations table putting ahead of them the greater good of their home country. Particularly, the statement urges the Justice and Construction Party, which is adopting a vague and unclear policy, to clearly state its goals and make them fit in to the 17 February principles.

“We totally reject any kind of infiltration of ex-regime followers into the military institution and their desperate attempts to topple down February revolution, likewise, we call for a legal lawsuits to be put on those who have killed the innocent and shed the blood around Libya, especially, the war criminal, Khalifa Haftar.” The statement stressed.

The statement comes in the wake of another statement issued by 26 of Misrata brigades led by Al-Halboos and Al-Mahjoub, supporting the initial signing of the UNSMIL draft and calling for appreciating the efforts exerted by Misrata Municipality as well as taking its notes regarding the UNSMIL draft into account so that all parties can contribute effectively to the success of the dialogue.