Misrata Municipal Council has announced the cancellation of the floating exhibition, which was to be held on board the Logos Hope ship, and not to host the ship in the Misrata seaport.

The council said that it has several legal reservations about the ship, adding in a statement that this floating exhibition may send messages that are contrary with Libyan laws.

It explained that it had assigned a group of consultants and specialists to search for the truth, backgrounds and validity of these reservations, and accordingly, it decided to cancel it.

This is in order not to provoke any controversy and to dispel any suspicions, according to the council.

The council confirmed that it had informed the Misrata Free Zone administration of canceling the arrangements to host this floating exhibition.

It stressed their quest to establish other activities that serve culture in the city in coordination and cooperation with official authorities and civil society organizations.

The Logos Hope is a ship carrying missionary religious books and publications, under the supervision of the Mobilization Organization Company, a missionary organization working to spread Christianity all over the world.