The council of Misrata elders rejected in a statement holding elections in Libya without consensus on a constitutional basis for a fair elections process, urging "the free" in the country to demonstrate to topple the conspiracy that is being devised by the "enemies of freedom inside and outside the country".

The statement also rejected the presidential elections candidacy of criminals and those who used force against Libyans during February revolution in 2011, in addition to those who led a coup against legitimacy and froze the constitutional declaration, plunging Libya into war and fragmentation and committed atrocities that included Tarhouna mass graves.

"The House of Representatives is responsible for the collapse of process as it allows criminals to run for the elections after it has manipulated the conditions for candidacy of a head of state elections. The High National Elections Commission also is to blame for ignoring the illegality of the elections laws issued by Speaker Aqila Saleh and allowing criminals to be candidates for the upcoming elections." The statement adds.

It also said that the Supreme Judicial Council is an accomplice in pushing for the collapse of the electoral process after giving criminals immunity against appeals and that's by restricting such appeals to the electoral centers in the candidates' areas.