The forces of the Misrata Joint Operations Chamber have advanced toward Abugrein after they foiled an IS attack on Al-Saddadah district early on Thursday morning.

The spokesman of the Joint Military Room, which was formed by the UN-proposed government’s Presidential Council, General Mohammed Al-Ghasri said in a press statement aired by Al-Nabaa TV: “We have managed to defeat IS militants in Al-Saddadah district and Abugrein preserve in eastern Al-Saddadah bridge.”

Al-Ghasri added that that the Joint Military Force’s troops are now at the entrance of Abugrein district after they foiled an IS attack on their locations in Al-Saddadah district, eastern Misrata.

“The credit goes for the artillery forces of the Joint Military Room as they shelled an IS car bomb and set it ablaze before it reaches the checkpoint.” He remarked.

In addition, sources from the Joint Military Room confirmed that the air force warplanes carried out airstrikes on locations in which IS militants are barricading in Abugrein and nearby towns of Bushanaf and Al-Gaddahiya.

Early on Thursday morning, IS militants attacked Al-Saddadah checkpoint, eastern Misrata, with a car bomb, which was followed by heavy clashes that killed four of Misrata forces, one of whom was one of the senior leaders in Al-Mahjoob brigade.