Military commanders of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos Operation have agreed to name Brig. Ahmed Abu Shahma as a military governor of Sirte.

The nomination came in response to the election of Mukhtar Al-Maadani as a new mayor of Sirte. Al-Maadani is accused of being a loyalist to Khalifa Haftar and Dignity Operation.

Sirte was announced fully liberated from ISIS last week after seven months of fierce clashes in the city and its suburbs, but Dignity Operation claimed that Misrata-led forces' victory over ISIS was only a handover of the city from ISIS to Al-Qaeda.

“Sirte war was not for the sake of the nation, it was intended to raise Al-Qaeda over ISIS,” spokesperson of Dignity Operation said last week.

Members of Sirte municipality elected Mukhtar Al-Maadani as a mayor for the city in Tripoli on Monday. His election has sparked anger among Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos brigades and social media activists.

Misrata-led forces fear that the election of Al-Maadani would hand over the city to Dignity Operation in spite of the high numbers of casualties during the seven-month fighting against ISIS.

Last April, Mukhtar Al-Maadani appeared in a video showing support to Khalifa Haftar and Dignity Operation. The video was filmed in Almarj, the stronghold town of Dignity Operation in east Libya where he received military vehicles and weapons for Sirte Police Department, which was established by the Interim Government of Al-Thanni government.