Several military officers urged Monday in Misrata the Presidential Council of the UN-proposed government to act upon its promises as per the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA), demanding an urgent appointment of a Chief of Staff for the Libyan army.

"We believe that some regional countries are hindering the formation of independent military institutions in Libya." The military ranks added.

"The national military initiative to organize and unite the armed forces in Libya," was the slogan of the meeting that was attended by about 80 military figures.

The military officers believe that the retired general Khalifa Haftar is a war criminal, one of the military officers indicated.

"This is not a lightning conference that will pass unnoticed, rather it is an open event that will go on till after Al-Adha Eid with many meetings taking place to come up with a real initiative leading to activation of Libyan army." Mohammed Ganidi, an official organizer of the initiative, said.

Meanwhile, one of the attendees told the press that they had talked about the bad influence of the political fragmentation on the military institution amid many loyalties and the intervention of several countries against the unity of the Libyan army.

"We are concerned about the control of militias in certain cities amid the lack of will to build a united army." Other attending officers explained.

The Libyan military officers - especially from western and southern Libya - have held many gatherings before and called on the Presidential Council to be committed to its promises as per the LPA, however, the Presidential Council could not so far issue any conclusive orders in that regard.

Simultaneously with the meeting in Misrata, Al-Sirraj was holding a meeting in Tripoli with the deputy defense minister as well as several pro-Presidential Council military leaders, assuring them that lifting the ban on weapons purchase by Libya is imminent.