Misrata Municipality held Wednesday an extraordinary meeting to review the formation of government of national accord, spokesperson Osama Badi has declared, one day after a cabinet of 32 ministers led by Fayaz Sirraj was announced.

Mayor Mohammed Eshtawi briefed municipal members about the formation of the new cabinet. They agreed to hold in-depth meetings with the city's Shura Council and civil society institutions to further discuss the new cabinet to make sure it achieves greater efficiency to lead the stage, a gesture of their reservation about the cabinet.

Misrata Municipality is seen as a big supporter of Skhirat agreement.

Observers say the municipal council of Misrata was bargaining for the interior ministry in the UN-imposed government. Early this week, Misrata Municipality sent a letter of recommendation to the presidency council proposing former interior minister Fawzi Abdulal for a ministerial portfolio, but the recommendation was faced with rejection from the eastern members.

Misrata was only given the ministry of health in the UN-imposed government.