Misrata municipality has issued a statement after a meeting with military and security apparatuses in the city following the unrest that took place on Wednesday night after the entry of Fathi Bashagha to his hometown.

The final statement reiterated that the political parties that come from Misrata didn't consult with its leaderships in their endeavors and; hence, they couldn't use the city and its institutions for political campaigns or plunge it into conflicts.

The statement came after the House of Representatives-designated Prime Minister - not recognized yet locally or internationally - Bashagha returned to Misrata on Wednesday and then his loyalists said that a security force from Misrtata - loyal to PM Abdul Hamid Dbeibah who is also from the same city - tried to storm Bashagha's house.

Bashagha was seen late on Wednesday amidst a crowd of supporters in Misrata in what he said a defiance to what Dbeibah-loyal forces wanted to do - which is kick him out of the city, according to his description.

The statement reiterated that February revolution constants are a red line and there can be no calling out of people as traitors or eliminating people based on whatever reasons.

"There will be a committee to be formed to communicate with all sides to come up with a proposal for the security and political situation in the country." The statement explained, stressing that the Misrata municipality is nonbiased.