Misrata municipality has objected to the bias of the UN Security Council in sanctioning the individuals hindering Libya's political process.

"Such a method will weaken the validity of the sanctions themselves." The municipal council said in a statement on Monday.

It called also on the UNSMIL and the international community to implement the Skhirat agreement as per the UN Security Council's resolution (2259), urging for swift punishment of the hindering parties.

"We want the UN sanctions to be inclusive and real against all politicians, military officers, militias and media figures who toy with the security and stability of Libya." The municipality said.

It added that the decision makers shall be pressed into placing the individuals responsible for violations of Libya's sovereignty and stability under real sanctions.

"All the chaos and conflicts that are ongoing in Libya in all fields, including in media, have opened the door for intervention and he failure so far in building the state of Libya, let alone the deterioration of security, economic and financial conditions in Tripoli." The statement reads.

It also said that the real ruler in Libya is the one with arms and that the power in the country is under the leaders of militias' control, saying those people have further weakened the fragile state.

The United Nations Security Council has listed Salah Badi - commander of Al-Sumood Brigade - for sanctions that included a travel ban and asset freeze.

Badi was a member of the Libyan General National Congress and a revolutionary leader in Misrata during February 17 revolution. He was also a leader in the Libya Dawn (Fajr Libya) operation against Dignity Operation of Khalifa Haftar in 2014.

Several Misrata residents took to the street Sunday to voice their rejection of the Security Council's decision to impose sanctions on Badi, saying the decision was biased and unfair.