Misrata municipality issued a statement on Monday denouncing the continuation of Khalifa Haftar's forces attacks on civilians and civilian institutions such as airports, hospitals and infrastructure facilities.

The municipality urged local and international legal and humanitarian organizations to document the crimes and bring the perpetrators to justice, calling on the Presidential Council to protect civilians from dangers.

It also called on "national forces" to devise a Libyan national project that advocates for a civilian state and establishes justice and equality among all Libyans to end the ongoing chaos.

"We also urge the UNSMIL to have more impartiality and authenticity in dealing with the Libyan crisis. It is responsible for the ongoing chaos that is affecting the sovereignty and security of the country. Also, the neighboring countries should help Libya achieve stability." The statement reads.

Misrata municipality and several of its civilian facilities have been targeted by Haftar's forces, which air-attacked many times its airport and air college as well as several military and civilian locations I'm what seems as a retaliation for the participation of the city's forces to repel their offensive.