Anti-Misrata Municipality protesters called on Tuesday for the formation of a steering committee to take over the functions of the municipal council till new municipal elections are held.

"The current municipal council committed legal violations against the homeland in general and Misrata in particular and its continuation in power constitutes danger to the homeland." A statement by the protesters said.

The statement accused the municipal council of exceeding all authorities, breaching the local government rules, and endangering t the fabric of national unity.

"It caused a political and security crisis, and signed accords that abolished the constitutional institutions without having legal powers for such signature." The statement reads.

The protesters explained that the council contributed to the violation of state sovereignty by collaborating with some foreign countries including the UAE, which killed Libyan army personnel in air raids and detained and tortured Libyan nationals residing on its territory for more than a year.

They also indicated that the council had involved in a counter-revolution by its support of the national consensus government, which leaks proved that it was a UAE trusteeship government, calling on control authorities to investigate these irregularities and forward them to the government departments concerned.