Members of the Municipality, academics, and members of the House of Representatives (HoR) of Misrata city have called in a meeting with the UN envoy to Libya Abdoulaye Bathily in Misrata for a political process led and owned by Libyans, calling also for more decentralization.

Bathily said on Twitter he was encouraged on Sunday to hear the open and honest concerns of young people and civil society representatives in Misrata, who emphasized their frustrations with the delayed elections and distrust of the current institutions. He added that he was also delighted by the citizen mobilisation of women and youth, as well as impressed by their statements and commitment to establishing unified and legitimate institutions to lead Libya.

"The voices of young people, women and CSOs are crucial and should be decisive in shaping the future of Libya. UNSMIL continues to advocate for their inclusion at all levels of decision making so that all benefit from peace and stability." Bathily added.

He said he also heard the worrying stories that civil society organisations were being silenced and urged all Libyan leaders to protect and provide space for CSOs as an integral part of society.