After finalizing the agreement between Tawergha and Misrata that was signed in August last year in Tunisia, the Presidential Council (PC) of the UN-proposed government will now have to approve it and start implementing it, said the member of the Misrata-Tawergha Reconciliation Committee and Tawergha municipal member, Abdelnabi Abu Araba.

Speaking to the press on Tuesday, Abu Araba indicated that after the committee finished its work, it is the PC's turn now to support the agreement financially, especially regarding compensations to be made for the IDPs, let alone the costs of the security plan that is agreed upon to secure the return of the Tawergha IDPs to their city.

"When celebrating the victory over IS, the spokesman of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos, vowed to protect the IDPs of Tawergha when they take up their journey back to their city based on a joint commission from Misrata and Tawergha so that those coming via the coastal road can be saved from any vendetta acts from either side." Abu Araba explained.

He added that he hopes the PC would adopt the agreement and form the promised joint security commission under the supervision of the Defense Ministry and Interior Ministry of the UN-proposed government.

Abu Araba also indicated that an expanded meeting was held the last couple of days in Misrata in the presence of the mayor of Tawergha, Abdelrahman Al-Shakshak and the mayor of Misrata, Mohammed Eshtaiwi, as well as the team of the Misrata-Tawergha Reconciliation Committee to discuss finalizing the six-year-old row between the two cities.