On Sunday, the cities of Misrata and Tawergha will be signing a reconciliation charter and agree on the preparations for the return of the displaced population to their city, Tawergha as per the agreement signed by the joint committee and approved by the Presidential Council, spokesman for Misrata municipality Osama Badi reported.

Badi said Friday the signing will be attended by many officials, elders and dignitaries from across Libya, adding that the UNSMIL’s Head Ghassan Salame was also invited.

Meanwhile, the Tawergha elders’ council rejected earlier the signing of the charter, which was supposed to be signed Friday, saying it was unfair and unacceptable.

Thus, the charter has been under reconsideration and amendment for the Sunday signing.

“The charter is humiliating to Tawrgha and we warn all Tawerghans of signing it. We would disown those who will,” the elders council said, warning of dubious movements by some Tawerghans.

In the meantime, several sources confirmed that the charter final draft has been approved Friday by all and they scheduled it for Sunday signing in Misrata.

The charter articles include coexistence, forgetting the past, keeping peace in special and security affairs, and working for the good of the country.

It also stresses that only Libyan judiciary will be the judge in any conflicts happened or may happen between the two cities, saying they both should not generalize individualistic acts as a behavior done by the whole community.