The House of Representatives' member for Misrata, Mohammed, Al-Raeid, said they discussed with the UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame, when he was in the city on Tuesday the possibility of convening an HoR session with full quorum outside Tobruk in the aim of approving the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) and including it in the constitutional declaration.

In a press statement, Al-Raeid said that the HoR members who are in Tripoli - and who are in favor of the LPA - are more than those who are in Tobruk, stressing that they lack the needed quorum for convening legal sessions.

"In one year and a half, there had been no full quorum session in the HoR in Tobruk." Al-Raeid added.

He also said that soon the HoR boycotting members will gather in Tripoli and convene a legal session, adding that those who don't want the LPA are against building a state in Libya.

"There is no solution in Libya but the implementation of the LPA." Al-Raeid added.

Several HoR members who are with the LPA and against the Speaker Aqialh Saleh in Tobruk are in Tripoli with conflicting news being circulated over the last period about their intention to hold a full quorum session in the capital.

Abu Bakir Baira - an HoR member against the LPA - visited Tripoli recently and met with the boycotting members, where he told the press that a legal HoR session must take place outside Tobruk and a new Speaker must be elected.