The Deputy Head of the Presidential Council (PC) of the UN-proposed government, Ahmed Mitig, said recreating the Libyan army and forming it the right way need professionalism, pointing out that the PC is looking for a professional, effective and capable army leadership.

Mitig said, answering a question about Haftar’s role in the coming phase in a press statement to the Egyptian Ahram newspaper Saturday, that the military institution must not be based on individuals and the era of individuals has ended long ago, pointing out that building a military institution with high professionalism is the aim now.

He added that supporting the military institution in Libya is obligatory, yet it should be spread to all the military zones inside the country, stressing that there are crucial and tough decisions that the Presidential Council must make in order to rebuild the country and its institutions, which will go through a number of tough stages.

Answering a question about the join operations chamber that is located between Misrata and Sirte and formed by the PC, Mitig said it is formed by the PC and includes five high-ranking military commanders, who are appreciated by all Libyans for their professionalism and capability.

He confirmed that the decision to form the operations chamber does not go at odds with the Skhirat agreement that was signed between the conflicting Libyan parties, indicating that the PCis the Commander in Chief of the Libyan Army and thus is responsible for choosing the mechanisms for security preparations.