The deputy head of the outgoing Presidential Council, Ahmed Mitig, met the Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR), Aqila Saleh, in Tobruk as part of the latter's work on approving a unified budget for 2021 to end financial division.

Mitig said Saturday on Facebook that the meeting was a step forward in paving the way for the Government of National Unity to work with a unified budget.

Mitig arrived in Tobruk with the Minister of Finance of the GNA Faraj Bumtari after the Ministry's announcement that the joint committee of east and west financial authorities started work via Zoom as per the understandings of Brega meetings.

The agreement on approving the unified budget came on February 08 in an announcement by the UNSMIL, saying the budget would be for two months to make room for the new executive authority to work on endorsing a 2021 budget later. The agreement on a unified budget was the first since 2014.