A number of Tripoli brigades called on Saturday the Libyan people to stand together against the UN-imposed government, the third rejection by armed groups in just nine days.

The brigades said in a statement that the government failed to get the Libyan consensus.

"This government was not selected by Libyans and it was not approved by any legitimate authority in the country," the statement reads.

The brigades set a number of preconditions, which they said, if were met, any government can work freely in the capital.

They demanded a clear commitment to the Islamic Sharia, and the laws that were amended by the GNC to comply with the Sharia must remain effective. They wanted a clear stance toward rogue General Khalifa Haftar and his Dignity Operation, which they described as coup d'état project.

They demanded a precise definition of terrorism and the role of revolutionary fighters in the coming period.

"Does this terrorism, which the government wants to fight, include Shura councils in Benghazi and Derna?" they inquired.

They also demanded a clear stance toward the Fatwa House and the Grand Mufti Sheikh Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani, one of 17 February symbols according to them.

According to the statement, if these demands were met, the UN-imposed government would be welcomed in Tripoli.

Last week, commanders of armed brigades in Tripoli rejected the UN-imposed government and denounced the efforts being exerted by some parties to install that government in the capital.

On March 18, Leaders of Libya Revolutionaries Operations Room threatened the self-approved government with fighting if it entered Tripoli.