The member of the High Council of State (HCS) and Head of its Political Dialogue Committee Mossa Faraj said that HCS members wanted to vote on refusing resumption of communication with the House of Representatives (HoR) if the session was held on last Monday.

Faraj added in a press statement that the Monday session was canceled due to the lack of  quorum of 68 members (half of the council members + 1), stressing that the presidency of the council told them that the attendance was only 40 members.

He confirmed that the HCS will hold a plenary session next Monday, according to the internal regulations and with a legal quorum, saying that the Presidency of the HCS did not announce any other reasons for canceling the next session and they had not heard of any moves by members or blocs to disrupt the session in order to prevent the voting process.

Faraj added that the failure to reach a quorum for Monday session could have been due to the state of public discontent with what is happening in the political scene in terms of deals that had a personal and unconvincing nature to break the stalemate.

Commenting on the decision to establish a constitutional court by the HoR and the joint statement between the Speaker of HoR and the Head of HCS, Faraj said the constitutional court was formed to control the decisions of the judiciary without a national consensus.

"The HoR's failure to cancel the defective law establishing the constitutional court is a discouraging and disappointing position, and indicates the extent of disregard for the country's fragmentation and continued chaos." Faraj explained, describing what some international forces demanded to bypass the two chambers as "a bitter request, but it may find a solution if it is in the public interest, holding elections and changing the individuals who are currently at the forefront of the scene.

He also called for exerting pressure to remove those whom he described as the personalities that were the cause of the deterioration of the situation because of clinging to their positions.