Tripoli saw heavy presence of tanks and armed vehicles on the streets with heavy and medium weapons in the areas of Bab Benghashir, Abu Salim, Sidi Al-Masri and the vicinity of the Guest Palaces Premises as well as the roads leading to Rixos Hotel.

“Violent clashes between armed groups took place in those areas and the sounds of explosions were heard in there as well, plus there was a thick cloud of smoke above Bab Benghashir and Abu Salim areas, making the residents near the clashes panic.” Eyewitnesses from the areas reported.

They added that some of the houses and stores were damaged by the clashes, pointing out that it is unclear whether there had been some injuries or deaths from the residents or from the clashing forces.

Given how close the clashes are from the Guest Palaces Premises, where the Salvation Government (SG) and the General National Congress (GNC) are based, the fight seemed as if it were between pro-UN-proposed-government forces and those of the SG in a bid to have a grip on the premises.

Nonetheless, sources close to the SG confirmed that its forces had not partaken in the clashes and had only positioned themselves nearby its headquarters for security.

The clashes are still ongoing in Tripoli and the roads have not been reopened yet, which makes the situation in there very unpredictable, as the real reason behind the fighting has not been figured out yet.

These tumultuous clashes, which might as well be another nail in the capital’s shaken security coffin, comes one night of horror lived by the residents of Arada area in eastern Tripoli, where clashes between Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade and an armed force that is controlling the area’s military camps, according to the brigade’s statement.