The spokesman for Khalifa Haftar's forces, Ahmed Al-Mismari, said members of the Muslim Brotherhood Group are "infidels and ideological advocates".

Al-Mismari added that Bouznika dialogues were for boycotting members of House of Representatives (HoR) and others who lately returned to the HoR, wondering what solutions were made by the meeting of those members.

"The general management of Libya's crisis has turned the dialogue into a discussion among the state's regions, creating a crisis among them. The dialogue is now between an ideological infidel Muslim Brotherhood member of HoR and a patriotic HoR member who rejoined his job. This dialogue has created a problem among the Libyan regions." Al-Mismari indicated.

Al-Mismari said the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum is a "carrot and stick" approach, adding that everyone is running after the carrot but won't reach it eventually.

Meanwhile, Haftar vowed to bring "terrorist" Muslim Brotherhood members to courts for "their crimes against the Libyan people," saying they have no place in Libya except for prison or exile.