Muslim Scholars Association (MSA) has stressed the importance and significance of the fatwas issued by Libya’s Fatwa House saying they must be considered as a legitimate reference for the country.

In a statement about Libya’s latest situation, the MSA, said it appreciates the firm stance of the Libyan people alongside the Sharia leadership of the Libyan scholars, above all the Libyan Grand Mufti, Sheikh Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani.

It also indicated that it is vital that all Libyans unite together to bridge the gap among them and to renounce those who are gasping for dividing them from under the leadership of the General National Congress.

“The GNC is the only legitimate political entity in Libya, which must be obeyed by all in good calls and mustn’t be opposed or fought.” The MSA said.

The MSA called on all Libyans to be aware of “the enemy” that is pretending with giving advice to them, while it is “treacherous” aiming at fooling the Libyans to bring the country back to the reign of the “oppressing regime”.

It also warned Libyans of another “enemy” that is violating the innocent blood of people and paving a rose-furnished way for the “enemy” to rule Muslims on the pretext of the so-called war on terrorism.

The Muslim Scholars Association also urged all Libyans to resort to Allah and keep the company of the Koran and the Prophet’s Sunna, asking them to avoid tossing their country into what it described as destructive chaos and disorder.