The Municipal, Military and Shura Council, in addition to the Union of Civil Society Organizations of Nalut, western Libya, have condemned the constant bombardment of civilians and residential districts by the Egyptian military warplanes and the Egyptian Intelligence Agency violation of Libyan sovereignty.

In a joint statement, they also condemned what they characterized as "complicit actors" with the Egyptian government on the pretext of fighting terrorism.

"We remind those in command of the Dignity Operation that the dignity of Libya has been desecrated by the violation of its territory by the Egyptian and UAE forces," the statement read.

They called on the Presidential Council to take a clear and firm stance towards this aggression, and on all Libyans to reunite and renounce division to defend their state sovereignty.

The statement requested the international community, the United Nations and human rights organizations to halt this blatant aggression and to hold the Egyptian government accountable in accordance with international conventions.