A strong worded statement was released early Tuesday by the Central Security Branch for North Tripoli, known as the Nawasi Brigade.

The focus of the statement aimed at the Minister-designate of Foreign Affairs of the Presidential Council, Mohamed Taher Sayala, for his remarks about Khalifa Haftar made at the meeting of Libya’s neighboring countries in Algeria on Monday.

Videos of the remarks, made in a press conference following the ministerial meeting, have caused uproar on social media sites. Sayala, an already controversial figure being a minister in the Gaddafi regime, responded to a journalist’s question about the position of Haftar in future political landscape in Libya, saying “Haftar is the General Commander of the Libyan Army and of that there is no question and he will remain to be so in the future.”

This reply of course goes against the Libyan Political Agreement as signed in Skhirat and so causes confusion and uproar.

The Nawasi, one of Tripoli’s most powerful brigades under the Presidential Council, expressed concern about Sayala’s remarks, calling on all revolutionaries to stand united and achieve the goals of the February 17 revolution to break the path of the dictators.

“We have followed with concern the remarks issued by the Minister-designate of Foreign Affairs Mohamed Sayala, in which he described Khalifa Haftar as a legitimate part of the solution, although he is not a part of the Libyan Political Agreement. Also disregarding Haftar’s attempts to undermine the security and stability of the capital Tripoli, the Libyan south and the massacres committed by his armed militias in the eastern region, which are blatant violations of human rights.” The statement said.

The Nawasi Brigade directed a strong message at Sayala demanding him to quit.

“We send a letter to the Minister-designate Mohamed Sayala. You, who is attempting to impose your reality on the fighters of the February 17 revolution whilst you are not of us nor desired by us or the Libyan street because of your political affiliations and repeated expression of your personal opinion. You emerged and hold a position only as a result of the Libyan Political Agreement, go and leave in peace.” The statement read.

The statement indicated that the Libyan Political Agreement should reinstall trust between the different factions and remove dictators from the scene. It also reiterated Nawasi’s refusal to return to years of injustice and tyranny under any kind of domestic or foreign pressure.

The 11th ministerial meeting for Libya’s neighbors was attended by the UN envoy to Libya Martin Kobler and ministers from Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan, Niger and Chad, as well as Mohamed Sayala.