The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) has called for an integrated emergency plan to deal with the influx of prospective displaced persons and refugees from Sudan, as the rush to flee the neighbouring country grows more desperate amid the ongoing clashes between the army and a military faction.

"The violence and armed clashes taking place in Sudan will force many Sudanese to migrate towards neighbouring countries, and Libya will be a primary destination," the commission stated.

It urged the relevant bodies to work on contingency planning for any sudden influx of refugees.

"The ministries of Foreign Affairs, Social Affairs, Displaced Persons, Human Rights organizations, the Libyan Authority for Relief and Humanitarian Aid, and the Libyan Red Crescent are required to provide humanitarian and medical assistance to the refugees and displaced persons and to establish camps to house them."

It also stressed the need to cooperate with the UN and international organizations, including NGOs and institutions working in the humanitarian field, to benefit from their vast experience and performance on this side.