The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) called for a public prosecution lawsuit against the Government of National Accord (GNA) for negligence in its response to Covid-19 and delay of importing vaccines.

NCHRL sent a letter to the Public Prosecutor's Office, calling for bringing to justice the GNA officials who were negligent in their work regarding importing Coronavirus vaccines when all countries around the world were racing to get their share in early 2021.

NCHRL indicated that due to the delay of bringing the Coronavirus vaccines, hundreds of Libyans died of complications related to Covid-19 while thousands others were infected, adding that all of those Libyans could have been saved if the vaccines arrived earlier, in addition to the money spent by the state institutions in that context.

"If GNA authorities, specifically Health officials and Coronavirus scientific committee, had worked well and did their jobs by importing the vaccines, this horrific number of infections and deaths could have been avoided." NCHRL indicated.

NCHRL said the GNA negligent authorities committed a crime by delaying the importation of Covid-19 vaccines, leading to the death of hundreds and infection of thousands, thus committing a violation of the health sector laws in Libya.