NCHRL decries unwise statements of Tunisian defense, environment ministers against Libya

NCHRL decries unwise statements of Tunisian defense, environment ministers against Libya

May 08, 2017 - 23:08
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) denounced the Tunisian hostile policies adopted by certain officials toward Libya under the pretext of terrorism, which they say is coming from Libya.

The latest example of the unfriendly policies is the statements of the Tunisian defense and environment ministers, Farhat Al-Hershani and Riyad Al-Moakher consecutively.

Al-Hershani accused Libya of being behind terror attacks in Sidi Bu Zaid and the protests in Tataouine in Tunisia, while Al-Maokher said Libya is a scary country.

"Despite the fact that all of the people involved in terror attacks in Tunisia are Tunisians, and despite the fact that most of the terrorists in Libya are from Tunisia, the Tunisian media and officials are continuously fabricating news about terror being coming from Libya to their country, thus advocating hate speech and violence against Libyans." NCHRL's statement reads.

It indicated that about 1200 Tunisians were involved in terror organizations in Libya, 200 of whom were killed.

The statement added that security and intelligence apparatuses in Tunisia are directly involved in allowing several Tunisians to infiltrate into Libya from Tunisia.

"We have evidence, witnesses, and confessions for Tunisian nationals detained in Libya confirming that their entrances to Libya were facilitated and known by Tunisian border security and intelligence." NCHRL remarked.

The statement also condemned the violations practiced against some Libyans by the Tunisian authorities such as improper and humiliating inspection at land borders and airports, let alone blackmailing the Libyan nationals by security personnel and the attacks on Libyans by protesters and smugglers in Ben Guerdane and Tataouine districts, which are demanding easing restrictions on smuggling fuel to their country from Libya.