The head of the Presidential Council, Mohammed Menfi, has stap that “negative external interference did not give an opportunity to the unity of the Libyans and it continues to hinder political progress”.

In his speech at the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly, Menfi indicated that the Presidential Council supports the efforts that led to the resumption of oil and gas, stressing that the responsibilities make it imperative for the Presidential Council to work in an unbiased national track.

“The Presidential Council is committed to its role as the supreme authority in the country, which represents its unity locally and internationally, and the leadership of the Supreme Command of the Libyan Army”, he added.

Menfi also explained that the Presidential Council stands ready to support manage oil revenues in a transparent and accountable way so that all Libyans in all regions benefit from their nation’s oil wealth, so that may provides a more stable and appropriate environment for the desired democratic transformation.

Regarding the Berlin Conference, he said that “its outcomes have been neglected in terms of transparency and justice in managing oil resources, controlling public spending, directing it to those who deserve it, and limiting the power of corruption.”

Menfi explained that “the Council is following with great care the rounds of dialogue between the House of Representatives and the High Council of State, which have not yet led to any agreement on the constitutional basis for holding presidential and parliamentary elections.

However, he stressed that the Presidential Council still affirms that these dialogues “should not continue without time limits”, and that he is fully prepared to intervene in order to get the political process out of its impasse whenever necessary.”

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