New coalition against IS formed in Derna

New coalition against IS formed in Derna

September 22, 2015 - 21:23
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

A coalition tank shells IS locations in Al-Fatayah

Heavy clashes against the remnants of Daesh/IS in Al-Fatayah region of Derna broke out Tuesday as a new coalition between Derna Shura Council, Tobruk revolutionary fighters and Al-Bayda's Ali Hassan Al-Jabar Brigade, led by Colonel Mohammed Abu Ghafayar, was formed.

The new coalition aims to uproot IS fighters from their last hideout in Al-Fatayah, a mountainous region in the southeast of the city. 

Local reports say coalition fighters advanced to Al-Fatayah from three fronts using tanks and heavy artillery and gained control of some IS sites. Around five IS fighters are reported dead in the clashes including senior field commander Ramadan Al-Mayar.

The coalition is seen as a big blow to renegade General Khalifa Hafter's endeavours to announce a military council to rule the state.

On Sunday, revolutionary fighters from Tobruk, mainly from Al-Gotaan tribe, visited Derna to express support to the Shura Council and join the fight against IS.

Colonel Abu Ghafayar joined Dignity in May 2014 but later he disbanded the operation.

Last Tuesday, Al-Bayda revolutionaries, led by Abu Ghafayar, turned against Khalifa Hafter and expressed, in a public statement, their rejection to the military dictatorship and formation of military councils, which Haftar aims to have one to rule Libya.

IS fighters were expelled from all Derna districts by the Shura Council in June.