Members of the General National Congress, who signed Skhirat agreement, condemned on Monday Tobruk Parliament's call for the removal of article (08) from the agreement, saying it would constitute a flagrant violation of the political agreement.

"This attempt to omit article (08) is a threat to the whole political process." A statement by the members warned.

The GNC team explained that the Skhirat agreement gathered different political parties and made them sign on articles and rules that are final and irreplaceable to end the division and chaos in Libya, underlining that the agreement is the basis of all its bodies whose legitimacy can only stem from it (according to article "12" in the added laws).

"Everyone must read the article (60) from the agreement as it obliges all parties to adhere to the agreement laws and abstain from taking decisions that contradict those laws whatsoever." The statement reads.

The team added that the Skhirat agreement is one whole that cannot be divided upon desire and interest, so no party has the right to delete or replace any of its articles, underscoring that signing the agreement means adherence to all its laws and any attempt to modify any of its articles is regarded a breach to the deal and to the UN Security Council resolution (2259).

Tobruk parliament rejected on Monday the cabinet of UN-imposed government and demanded the deletion of article (08) of the agreement regarding military occupations, which would pave the way to renegade Gen Khalifa Haftar to remain in his position.