Forces from Dignity Operation led by Khalifa Haftar stormed Saturday the headquarters of Special Tasks Force headed by the deputy interior minister of the Presidential Council's government, Faraj Egaiem in Bodzira, Benghazi.

The pro-Haftar forces controlled the building after Egaiem and his forces withdrew to Bersis, in eastern Benghazi.

Clashes took place afterward in Bersis between Egaiem's forces and pro-Haftar forces, including the notorious Sahawat Brigades, besides the air cover by Haftar's warplanes.

News has it that Haftar's forces have taken control of all the buildings and camps under Egaiem's grip including the Bersis headquarters, however; The Libya Observer could not verify the news.

Meanwhile on Friday, the deputy interior minister gave rogue General Khalifa Haftar and his armed groups, mainly from Furjan tribe, 48 hours ultimatum to leave Benghazi or they will face the consequences, accusing him of behind the murders and explosions taking place in the region over the last period.

His statement came after mortar shells had fallen on his camp in Bodzira district leaving 3 guards dead and 7 others wounded.

Egaiem escaped an assassination attempt on Sunday when a car bomb exploded in his convoy in Sidi Khalifa district of Benghazi, injuring at least four.

Egaiem urged - after Friday's attack - all those who relate to the bodies thrown in the streets to join him in his war on Haftar and to mandate commander of Saiqa Force Wanis Bukhamada as the chief of security in Benghazi in order to save it from the current chaos, he added, describing Haftar as the "traitor."

Meanwhile, the Presidential Council issued a statement condemning the shelling and airstrikes on private and public buildings in Benghazi, calling for deescalation and an immediate ceasefire to help save Libya from any further fragmentation.

It also added that security patrols of the interior ministry in Benghazi are tasked with securing people and the city of Benghazi only and any attack on them is an attack on the government institutions.