news recap

Libyan HoR Speaker reviews election laws' approval decision with Amazigh delegation


AG: 14 fugitives from Sorman prison break of 2020 have been arrested


Libyan Sharia Research and Studies Council hails Palestine's "Operation Al-Aqsa Storm"


Al-Lafi, German ambassador review issues of common interest


IOM: Flood response in Libya requires more funding


HCS deplores Israeli airstrikes, acknowledges Palestinian right to self-defence


Libya's Parliament expresses rock-solid support for Palestinian rights


Baraghtha tribe deplores Haftar’s attack on Salmani area in Benghazi


Turkish Foreign Minister: Libya needs elections without delay


Government, municipalities and political parties condemn armed attack on Tanasuh TV channel


Japan provides $3 million in additional aids to flood-hit areas in Libya


Libyan PM calls on international community to stop Israeli violations in Palestine


Tanasuh channel under attack


Clashes in Benghazi, communications disrupted amid conflicting reports of Al-Barghathi's arrest


Takala: 6 6 outcomes are null after HoR's amendments


Indonesia sends $1 million worth of aid to flood victims in Libya


UNSMIL received copy of electoral laws, HoR spokesman says


Floods in eastern Libya damaged archaeological monuments


Libya takes part in Powerlifting Championships in Mongolia


Libyan Football Association supports Saudi Arabia’s bid to organize 2034 World Cup


Internet link between Misrata and Tripoli interrupted


101 health workers killed in the aftermath of Storm Daniel