news recap

Greece says ready to keep humanitarian relief going to help Libya out of floods crisis


PC Deputy Head calls for international experts' assessment of floods destruction


Bathily regrets level of coordination between east and west Libya following Storm Daniel


Man-Made River Authority begins final finishing phase of temporary bridge in Derna


New Mediterranean weather disturbances threaten Libya, Tunisia and Algeria, Arab Climate Center warns


WHO confirms there's no registered epidemic in Libyan disaster areas


Work to clean Wadi Majineen stream that has water capacity of 57 million cubic meters


Atlantic Council: Haftar is most responsible for Derna disaster


UNICEF: More than 17,000 children were displaced after Storm Daniel


WHO says hasn't received enough support to help about 250.000 in Libya's disaster areas


French President receives credentials of new Libyan ambassador to Paris


LCW: Internal Security conducts massive arrest campaign in Derna


Tunisia announces end of its team's mission in Derna


Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi blames February revolution for Derna floods


Libyan Ministry of Finance asks World Bank for assistance


Italy's FM: Number of migrants departing from Tunisia and Libya are trending down


Amnesty demands Haftar to lift restrictions on media in eastern Libya


INTERPOL sends teams to help identify flood victims in Libya


Asian countries establish air bridge to provide aid to flood-hit areas in Libya


UAE Disaster Victim Identification  unit arrives in Libya


Human rights organization announces death and loss of 833 migrants in Derna


GNU, HCS, PC discuss unifying efforts to confront humanitarian crisis in affected areas


WFP aims to support 100,000 people in areas affected by Storm Daniel


90 political parties issue statement in support of Derna residents' demands


Menfi: Libya needs international support in rescue, investigation and reconstruction