news recap

LARMO calls for easing Libyan asset-freeze measures to bolster national economy


Libyan PM reiterates keenness to hold elections as soon as possible


Malta expresses readiness to support HNEC


Libya's Fatwa House issues Fatwa to boycott pro-Israel companies


Menfi calls for a broader dialogue to move forward towards elections


University of Benghazi receives WFME team, seeking international accreditation for medical colleges


NOC Chairman says power plants' fuel costs $8 billion a year


Libya, Algeria to announce Nov. 7 resumption of Sonatrach activities in Ghadames Basin


NOC to operate Ras Lanuf factories after 12-year hiatus


74 bodies recovered from Derna graves


Haftar seeks to sign new military deal with Russia


Government completes construction of new school in Zintan


Explosion at cooking gas store leaves several injured


Wagner mercenaries in Libya on alert for attacks


Libyan ambassador to UN: West is using double standards in tackling war on Gaza


Al-Madar Al-Jadeed confirms its cyber safety


Lumpy skin disease threatens livestock in eastern Libya


Austrian OMV to resume oil exploration in Libya next February


74 bodies recovered from Derna graves


US medical team ends visit to flood-hit Derna


Oil Minister says Libya can provide Europe with electricity from renewables


Dbeibah: Medicine for oncology patients will be sent to their houses in 2024