news recap

Audit Bureau sends Derna dams report to Attorney General


Rights groups call for unveiling conditions of Garnada Prison inmates after Storm Daniel


Phone calls, Internet cut off in Derna since Tuesday dawn


UN calls for investigating collapse of dams in Libya's Derna


UK plane carrying aid to flood-hit areas arrives in Benghazi


EU announces an additional €5.2 million of support to flood-hit Libya


Storm Daniel destroyed 70% of civilian infrastructure in Libya's-hit areas


MPs discuss establishing reconstruction agency for storm affected areas


Russia sets up mobile hospital in Derna


UNICEF: Nearly 300,000 children affected in Libya after Storm Daniel


Arab Center for Climate Change calls for accelerating rescue operations in Libya


UN adjusts report on Derna death toll to 3,958 deaths


Surviving Derna residents protest negligence, call for toppling HoR


Four Greek rescuers died as bus crashes between Benghazi and Derna


HCS holds emergency meeting to discuss aftermath of Storm Daniel


AU sets up incident management mechanism in wake of floods in Libya


Bathily calls for a mechanism to oversee reconstruction efforts in flood-hit areas


Abu Salim gets import win against Ugandan KCCA FC


Authorities develop committee to deal with environmental issues following the floods