The National Forces Alliance, Libya's liberal party chaired by former NTC premier Mahmud Jibreel, voiced on Friday reservations over the way the cabinet of UN-imposed government was selected.

"The selection method violates the accord draft and it was marked with clear regionalisms," a statement by the party said, adding the selection should be based on competence, skills and expertise instead.

The NFA also expressed surprise over the hasty government welcome by some countries and parties without regard to its work program, which is a main part of Skhirat agreement.

The statement also refused what it called the principle of power sharing in this cabinet and pointed out that all parties should have participated in the formation of this cabinet, especially the influential political and military parties on the ground.

"We confirm we are not part of this cabinet which raises doubts about wasting more money and resources." The statement reads.

Two members Ali Al-Gotrani and Omar Al-Aswad have already walked out of the presidency council of UN-imposed government over demands and selection of cabinet members.