The Chief of Anti-Illegal Immigration Department (AIID) Mohammed Besher has denounced the allegations in the media reports about violations against illegal immigrants in Libya.

Besher said, in a statement Sunday posted on Bawabat Al-Wasat website, that the reports were lies and fabrications, saying the AIID is ready to cooperate in any initiative aiming at facilitating the work for embassies’ representatives to come and see their nationals in the Libyan migrants’ centers before they are repatriated.

“We have sorrowfully seen the fabrications on the media regarding the conditions of the migrants in Libya,” Besher said, adding that those are illegal immigrants who have already broke the law by coming illegally to Libya.

He added that the immigration issue is global and Libya bears no full responsibility for it, adding that Libya is not to blame for the displacement of thousands of persons from their homelands, coming to Libya and violating the laws of residence by arriving through illicit ways in the first place.

“Libya is bearing the financial responsibility as well as the health ramifications in order to save illegal immigrants from the sea and the land and then placing them in migrants’ shelter centers until they voluntarily return to their countries.

All embassies representatives can come and see the truth for themselves then show it to the world.” Besher added.

“All the world must recognize Libya’s right for sovereignty in the sea, land and sky, they should admit that laws are applicable to all with no exceptions. If those migrants did not come to Libya, smugglers and traffickers would not have a chance to do such a crime.” He further added.

A CNN report displayed what it described "humiliating" slave auctions where migrants are being sold in Libya including Sabha, Ghadames, and Sabratha, saying authorities in the country were informed and given the evidence, along with the ICC prosecutor.

The Libyan Foreign Ministry said it was following on the issue reported by media outlets, which showed how certain people took advantage of illegal immigrants, denouncing such inhuman acts that go at odds with Libyans' beliefs and cultural values.

It added in a statement that there is a probe that has been opened in the issue by Libyan related authorities, indicating that if the allegations were true, all the involved persons will be punished as per the law, citing commitment to UN charters in this regard and all laws that ban human trafficking and enslavement.