The Head of Intelligence Department in Tripoli, Mustafa Noah, has revealed that they foiled a big terrorist operation targeting the Head of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sirraj, in the Prime Ministry headquarters in Tripoli.

Noah told Anadolu News Agency Friday that the intelligence personnel arrested a leader of an IS cell in Tripoli planning to do a suicide attack inside the UN-proposed government’s HQs while Al-Sirraj is there aiming at assassinating him.

“The leader of the cell is Libyan from the south, he was recruited by IS and trained in Noufliya to the east of Sirte when IS militants used to be in control of that district, then he was picked for the assassination of Al-Sirraj, however, the intelligence department in Tripoli foiled it.” Said Noah.

The leader of the cell was arrested, Naoh added without giving more details saying it was one of the most dangerous cells for IS in Tripoli.

Noah also talked about the recent arrest of a Tunisian terrorist involved in many terrorist operations in Libya and outside it – he was involved in Bardo Museum attacks in March 2015 in Tunisia.

The Tunisian terrorist was arrested in the southern region saying he was one of the important IS leaders in Sabratha, in addition to being the vice head of the Tunisian-Libyan borders for IS terrorists.