The sudden escape of ISIS militants from Benghazi’s Ganfouda and Al-Sabri districts was a big surprise for the residents of east Libya who have been repeatedly assured by Dignity Operation Command that security situations in Benghazi are fully controlled.

After more than 2 years of fighting, Dignity Operation keeps confirming that all of its enemies (Benghazi Shura Council and ISIS) are besieged inside their strongholds and that defeating them has become imminent.

But the escape of an ISIS convoy from Benghazi at the dawn of Thursday has raised several questions on how did they manage to leave the city into the desert without being thwarted despite the presence of several Dignity Operation checkpoints on the way.

Some Dignity Operation media outlets have accused Saiqa Forces Captain Mahmoud Al-Wirfally, the commander of western Benghazi front line, of coordinating their escape from Sabri and Ganfouda. Saiqa denied the accusations and called in a statement to set up an investigation into the ISIS escape and bring the facilitators to justice.

The Commander of Air Operations of Dignity Operation Brigadier General Mohammed Al-Manfoor declared that the escape of ISIS convoy was a big surprise for them. He confirmed to Libya News TV that Al-Sabri and Ganfouda districts are under tight siege and it is very difficult for anyone to flee without being noticed.

“Don’t ask me how did this convoy manage to escape from this siege? There must be strict procedures to identify the facilitators,” he told the news presenter.

Benghazi Security Chief Col. Salah Huwaydi confirmed the mass escape of ISIS and said investigations into this security breach are ongoing.

Benghazi Shura Council said all ISIS militants in Al-Sabri and Ganfouda districts were given a safe corridor by Dignity Operation fighters to leave from the western gate of the city.

Earlier in 2015, ISIS militants escaped from Derna, driving through a desert road for a distance of about 400 km to Sirte, without being intercepted by Dignity Operation checkpoints.