The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has condemned the sabotage acts on the Zawiya oil complex as a result of a gun battle between armed groups near the complex.

"The Zawiya oil complex was severely damaged as a result of armed groups’ struggle for nearly three hours last night, the corporation said in a statement Tuesday.

According to the NOC, the clashes caused damage to 13 storage tanks and resulted in the leakage of large quantities of oil products.

An electrical transformer feeding a primary station was also damaged beside the ceilings of the manufacturing oil plant, according to the statement.

The NOC said the investigations are still ongoing to determine the extent of the damages resulting from these "irresponsible actions."

The NOC Head Mustafa Sanalla, said, "Such criminal acts cannot be accepted in or near our sites at all. It costs the Libyan state a significant amount of money that is difficult to obtain.”

He urged the relevant authorities to establish security in and around oil sites, protect workers, and provide security requirements to ensure the continuation of the operations.

Armed clashes erupted on Monday night between two Zawiya armed factions, though no casualties were reported.