NOC: Libya's Sharara oilfield attacked by gunmen

NOC: Libya's Sharara oilfield attacked by gunmen

November 21, 2018 - 19:19
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) stated that its subsidiary Akakus had confirmed that Al-Sharara oilfield sub-station (B-6NC-186) was attacked on last Tuesday by an armed group of eight men.

"No employees were hurt in this attack or production affected by this incident." The NOC said on its website.

The NOC added that the armed group stole three company vehicles and the mobile phones of Akakus employees on-site who were later evacuated to safety.

"Akakus management and security teams are working with regional authorities to ascertain the identity of the perpetrators." The NOC remarked.

NOC also called for the support of local and national stakeholders to secure oil sector facilities and staff, underlining the need for a unified national security apparatus.

"Security represents a critical element of NOC’s ability to maintain operations, without which national production will decrease at a substantial cost to the Libyan people." The NOC added.

The NOC's Chairman Mustafa Sanallah commented saying that this incident outlines the ongoing need for heightened security at NOC and subsidiary facilities.

"The oil sector remains a primary target for those that seek to illegally profit from the toil and considerable sacrifices made by Libyan oil sector workers across the country, despite ongoing security challenges, for the benefit of all Libyan citizens." Sanlallah explained.