The head of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), Mustafa Sanalla, revealed on Monday plans to create a new protection force that includes civil and military forces, according to specific criteria.

In a press conference in Brega with the UN envoy for Libya, Stephanie Williams, Sanalla said that oil installations will be guarded by three forces, consisting of industrial security, a new protection force and, the army.

"The new protection force will be placed under the NOC," Sanalla said, stressing to be flexible in dealing with the current circumstances and to work to ensure the workers in the oil sector are safe.

For her part, Williams said that they are pleased for the unification of the Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG), emphasizing that the UN supports all oil companies that contribute to Libyan oil production according to Libyan sovereignty.

She indicated that the UN mission is pushing towards unifying the PFG after the division in recent years, stressing to work to achieve transparency with regard to Libyan revenues.

Williams called for the approval of section 2 of the NOC budget, especially with the state of force majeure, which was declared lately, saying that raising the oil production needs a budget and infrastructure.

Sanalla and Williams arrived at Brega Airport this morning to take part in a meeting aimed at discussing the reform of the PFG structure. "The majority in the room do not want the status quo," Wiliams said, adding that there is a shared consensus to change the situation on the ground.