NOC says fire at old building in Tripoli caused by electric fault

NOC says fire at old building in Tripoli caused by electric fault

October 12, 2022 - 19:42
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) said a fire broke out on Wednesday in its old building in Tripoli due to an electric fault but caused no casualties or damages.

NOC said the building fire alarm went off and the workers were evacuated as per the safety protocols, adding that the fire was at the ground floor where the archive section is located.

The fire was extinguished after firefighters from the national safety department and Mellitah and Brega oil companies arrived in the area.

Oil sector activists called on the Public Prosecution to investigate the causes of the fire, highlighting the importance of the archive section in which the fire broke out. They said the section contained documents of the oil history of Libya since the 1950s, including geological survey studies, locations and maps of current and reserve exploration, and the age of oilfields in Libya.

They also said they were surprised at the speedy announcement of the NOC saying that the fire was the result of an electric fault before investigating the incident. They explained that the safety system of the old building of the NOC had been renovated months ago.