US Ambassador/Envoy to Libya, Richard Norland, said on Wednesday that he had fruitful meetings during his visit to Tripoli.

Norland conducted an overnight visit to Tripoli to support Libya's transition toward elections, reconciliation, and sound financial management, according to a statement by the US embassy in Libya.

He told reports that his stay in Tripoli has a particularly historic significance, as it is the first time in several years that an American ambassador has spent the night in Tripoli, considering it a step forward toward reopening a US embassy in Libya.

The US ambassador addressed several files at the press briefing, including developments in the electoral process.

"In a perfect world, you would have a unified government that can leave the country to elections very quickly," Norland said, confirming that the US is working with its allies and partners to manage this process and end the division in the country.

He considered the presence of the Russian mercenary Wagner group in Libya a destabilizing factor, indicating that the US is working with the Libyans to end their presence as soon as possible.

Speaking on the oil crisis, Norland stressed the need to end the oil closure immediately. "It is very clear to us that the current oil shut down needs to end immediately, and the process of managing Libyan oil revenues and getting those revenues to the benefit of the Libya people is more important than ever."