Notables from Misrata and Al-Abidat tribe in the east called on the Presidential Council of the UN-proposed government to form a national authority for reconciliation across Libya to replace the current Ministry of Reconciliation, which they said is threatened of being closed due to the possible dissolution of its government.

In a meeting in Tunisia Friday, the notables urged the Presidential Council to take the necessary measures to stop the current bloodshed in Benghazi and Derna as well as to end the military presence in Benghazi and replace it with police stations.

They also added that the Presidential Council should work with all the society components in there to bridge the gaps and care more about the humanitarian situation of the residents, calling on the UN-proposed government to order the shutdown of all the detentions and jails that operate illegally and to speed up the trials of the convicts as well as to release the innocent.

“We call on all of the media figures and outlets in Libya to join in our reconciliation project and to break with promoting hate speech and prejudice among Libyans as well as to support the national accord without holding on to names and figures.” The notables indicated, adding that they will never let go with the 17 February revolution’s constants nor with their aspiration for a civilian state and unity, hinting at possibilities for reshuffling the UN-proposed government.

The two sides also agreed on the necessity to root out terrorism and to activate the state security, military and judicial institutions, besides unifying the Libyan army and dismissing all the illegal military factions and join them under the state institutions.

“We reject any military coups as they are crimes against the people and the constitution. We urge for allowing the displaced to return to their cities and we finally call for the protection of the oil facilities and avoiding it the clashes or other damaging acts.” The statement of the notables concluded.